February 4, 2018

得到Nosy Chapel的支持,2月4日中心有10位小朋友到沙田參與表演活動。他們演出由上年10月開始綵排練習的劇目《森林裡的綱琴師》。表演機會令小朋友的專注力、責任感和自信都有所提升。

With the support of Nosy Chapel, there are 10 children members performing the musical “Pianist in the Forest” on 4 Feb. The 4 months practice and the performing opportunity he...

October 21, 2017

10月21日, 來自城市的盼望的義工帶本中心的小朋友到荃灣打保齡球。大家都玩得好開心!

We went to play bowling on 21/10 with volunteers from Hope of the City. We had a lot of fun!

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