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Visiting Jumpin Gym 到訪冒險樂園

We took our 15 children members to Jumpin Gym to enjoy a great fun day on 13 Oct 2017. Each child could get 10 tokens. The children chose to play with the free facilities first such as Mini Ferris Wheel, Cartoon Swing Train, Mini Tea Cup and slides etc. Then they used their tokens to play their favourite games, some of them even won some prizes! Because of the family's finances were tight, the parents couldn't usually afford to go to such amusement place with their children. The parents treasured this activity very much and hoped we could have more similar programme to be arranged in the future. 我們於2017年10月13日帶領15個兒童成員到冒險樂園遊玩。 每位小朋友都得到10個代幣。他們先選擇玩一些免費設施例如: 摩天輪、卡通轉轉杯、彈跳飛車及滑梯等, 然後用代幣玩他們喜愛的設施。當中更有小朋友贏得獎品! 由於他們的家庭經濟都有困難, 所以家長們未能夠經常帶小朋友到這一類的遊戲中心玩樂。家長們都很感激本中心舉辦是次活動, 亦希望將來能夠有更多相類似的活動可以參加。

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