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​"I love learning violin. I hope to play a good song for my mum. I want to be a musician."~Sam



  • All kinds of music classes are provided, ranging from piano, violin, guitar, ukulele, drums to singing

  • Enhances children’s confidence and happiness, resulting in increased levels of motivation and performance

  • Develops children’s creativity and talents to pursue their dreams in music

  • The centre also has interest classes for the teenager, so they have the opportunity to explore their potential.


Art, Drama and Dance

  • Various classes offered in arts & crafts, English Drama, Hip Hop dance, art therapy etc.

  • Encourages children’s creative learning

  • Helps to release stress through artistic outlets



  • Offers numerous sports classes including basketball, tennis, football, bowling, badminton, swimming, yoga, rope-skipping, golf, floor-curling

  • Improves physical strength and flexibility via sports training

  • Increases self-confidence, discipline and teamwork

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