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NFT For Good
​My Home in Sham Shui Po

The Hub x Cathay x Articoin

NFT For Good Introduction

NFT for Good: The Hub Hong Kong Collaborates with Cathay and Articoin for ‘My Home in Sham Shui Po’ Project :
Support Artwork from Disadvantaged Children

The Hub Hong Kong,  Cathay and Articoin have joined hands to launch the first-ever green NFT that can be purchased with miles for a charitable cause. It is an innovative way that utilises blockchain technology to create new and sustainable fundraising channels for NGOs, a field devastatingly hit by the pandemic, while supporting sustainability through green NFTs.


The collaboration started with a painting contest themed ‘My Home in Sham Shui Po’. Over 50 children and teenagers aged from 6 to 18 at The Hub Hong Kong participated and unleashed their imagination and creativity with their paintbrushes to depict a Sham Shui Po story that is imprinted on their minds and memories. Top 5 pieces from the children’s group and the teenagers’ group were selected and awarded respectively. 


Their work of joy and lightheartedness - contrasting with Sham Shui Po’s stereotypical image in the city of being predominantly poor and overcrowded - are minted as 5,000 NFTs and sold on Cathay’s shopping platform, Cathay shop  and Articoin’s Proof-of-Capacity (PoC) Green NFT platform. 


Unlike most NFTs on chain which are tradeable, each of these NFT paintings has a touching story behind and are unique digital art collectibles for donors. These NFTs are released as limited editions and can be purchased with Asia Miles, cash or Miles Plus Cash, on Cathay’s shopping platform, Cathay shop and then redeemed on Articoin. Direct purchase on Articoin’s platform by credit card and debit card is also available.


All proceeds go directly to empower children in need. Each NFT donation costs HK$300 or is redeemable with 5,460 Air Miles and can provide art programs for underprivileged children to help develop their creativity and talents. The Hub, together with Cathay and Articoin, makes it easier than ever for you to invest in a brighter future for our young people and make a difference to the city which we call home.

NFT For Good Story

"My Home in Sham Shui Po" The Hub's Painting Competition 2022

To many people, Sham Shui Po is a complicated area in Hong Kong. On the one hand, it is full of unique nostalgic colours; on the other hand, it is also known to be one of the poorest areas in Hong Kong.


The impression and feeling of Sham Shui Po is different to everyone. But if this is a community where children grow up and live, how would they introduce Sham Shui Po? What will Sham Shui Po remind them of? What feelings does it bring to them?


The Hub Hong Kong organized a painting competition to encourage children to reflect on their own community, . Through their paint brushes, every child shared their own vision of Sham Shui Po - a place that they call "home".

NFT For Good Collaboration

The Hub x Cathay x Articoin "My Home in Sham Shui Po" NFT for Good

About The Hub Hong Kong

The HUB is a children's support concept which provides educational support, extra-curricular classes, family counselling, social health and wellbeing services to those who need it most without discrimination. The Hub Children and Youth Centre was founded in 2013 in Sham Shui Po, with the support of the Rotary Club of Kowloon North and from the funds raised from its first charity dinner. Children and teenagers are the future of Hong Kong; however, a significant number of families lack proper support and resources for their kids. The Hub Hong Kong believes that every child should receive first-grade and educational and diverse development support. Empowering children and teenagers from the underprivileged community is the key to sustaining and strengthening Hong Kong's competitiveness. The Hub Hong Kong aims to be "The Happy Space for Young Minds," with four key programme categories covered: Education, Empowerment, Development, and Family Relief. The centre now serves over 3,000 members in Sham Shui Po. 

About Cathay


Cathay is a premium travel lifestyle brand that brings together all that we love about travel with everyday lifestyle. The range of products and services includes flights, holidays, shopping, dining, wellness and payment. All our travel lifestyle offerings are designed to bring customers exciting offers, unmissable rewards, meaningful experiences and hand-picked partners. 


Flights are provided by Cathay Pacific, the home airline of Hong Kong and a founding member of the oneworld global alliance. The Cathay Group also comprises HK Express, Air Hong Kong (a dedicated freighter airline) and various subsidiaries. We are a member of the Swire Group and are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE) as a public company. 


For over 75 years, Cathay Pacific has been connecting our home city of Hong Kong to the world. Now we’re bringing that connection to more of our customers’ lives. The new era of Cathay elevates their every bite, swipe, step, stay and flight to greater heights.


For more information about Cathay’s commitment to sustainability and work with the community, please visit our sustainability website.

About Articoin


Articoin is an innovative Green NFT platform that combines art and technology to promote sustainable income to support artists and ESG causes.


With our own “Proof-of-Capacity” blockchain, we use 2,600 times less energy in the process than conventional Ethereum-based marketplaces. We are the first to bundle art with Carbon Credits, bridging the opportunity for consumers to participate in carbon-offset initiatives.  We also built our own proprietary AI technology to generate and view multi-media art.


Certain Green NFTs on Articoin are currently tied with the option to get Carbon Credits generated from CLP’s wind farm in India. More partners who are working on different carbon-reduction projects from around the world can be expected to be integrated onto Articoin this year.


In less than 1 year, our community already has more than 10,000 artists and 12 million art pieces in Asia. We successfully attracted over 30 multinational corporate clients and partners, including K11, and worked with more than 10 major international and local NGOs and charities, such as Fu Hong Society, Zheng Sheng and Food Angel.


Using NFT art as a medium to raise awareness and funds for charities and NGOs, we aim to donate $4 million to our charitable partners while offsetting 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022. 


NFT For Good Gallery


Children Group Winners

Youth Group Winners

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