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Health and Wellness Programme

得到Friends and Asia的幫助及UBS Hong Kong Open 2016 Charity Cup的資助, 香港樂童行為中心成員進行了一連串的活動, 為他們建立一個良好的健康習慣。

這個計劃由2016年6月開始實行, 當中有不同體育課程, 包括高爾夫球、芭蕾舞、兵乓球、游泳及嘻哈舞。我們亦幫助中心成員培養一個更健康的飲食習慣, 所以有派發水果及烹飪班。

是次計劃有209個兒童, 171位家長及150個家庭受惠。

With the support of Friends of Asia and sponsored by UBS Hong Kong Open 2016 Charity Cup, The Hub organised a series of programmes to our member, gave them a choice to establish good habits of activity and health.

The Health and Wellness Programme started from June 2017, included a number of sports lessons such as Golf, Ballet, Table Tennis, Swimming and Hip Hop. We also assisted our member to build up a healthier eating habit, so we had Fruit Provision Service and Cooking Lesson.

209 children, 171 parents and 150 families were benefited from this project.


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